About me

Hi, I'm Chloe Fry and I'm proud to be a musician- again.

"Sing pretty or not at all" - my dad jokingly

I grew up in Southern California singing all the time- singing so much that it became more enjoyable to scream and sing in funny voices. Still, no matter how much I goofed around, I was always focused when it came to singing on stage.

At eleven-years-old, I joined a music group and we created the band 'Chixx Rule'. We were a pre-teen, all-girls rock band fond of Heart and Bon Jovi. Fast forward six years and our favorite song to play was still Barracuda.

Through all of the rehearsals and gigs that came along with being in a young band, one thing remained- my love for music. When we weren't practicing, I was home writing my own songs at the piano. Sometimes, I was singing in musicals at local playhouses. Other times, I was volunteering to sing The National Anthem at my own sporting events. And of course, occasionally being reminded to "sing pretty or..." You get the gist. 

I left my dreams of music behind (or so I thought) when I left for college and directed my attention towards volleyball and boys- one boy in particular, my fiancé Micah. Still, my sister, Mom, Dad, and Micah never stopped encouraging me to pursue my passion. 

Still, music and I were just friends. I continued to write occasionally, often playing at talent nights at school or where I worked. Following graduation, I began to wonder if it was time to hang up my singing shoes for good. 

In July of 2020, I was sitting at a piano at my summer job in Colorado, singing as l often did, when the door of opportunity opened and Chris Collins walked in. Chris heard me play and asked all about my music and songwriting. A performer and artist himself, he saw something in me that I had forgotten.  

A few months later, we had an album almost fully recorded at his home studio twenty minutes down the road. 

So here I am, choosing to sing pretty and seeing where it takes me. Thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and made this possible.