Choosing The Way Life Goes

My life has always seemed nonstop. That’s the way I’ve looked at it at least for the last twenty-two years. It’s been worrying about tomorrow before yesterday was finished. Now don’t get me wrong- I’m able to be an optimist at the same time and am hopeful, despite my circumstances. I’ve prayed for the best and prayed during the worst, but I rarely let myself stop and enjoy the moment. Rather than stopping to smell the roses, I’ve worried about planting them for later instead. Until recently.

I’m writing this in my car in the parking lot of the Giant Eagle of Columbus, Ohio. My window is an inch cracked and Micah, my fiancé, is sitting to my left. There’s a man standing on the corner with his family playing the most beautiful electric violin I’ve ever heard. Micah grabbed my hand on the way back to the car earlier and spun me around and we danced, and laughed, and enjoyed life in the overcast evening. His wife and daughter (I presume) are sitting in lawn chairs mesmerized by the man they love. A sign at his feet depicts they’re going through hard times, but the joy in his playing and the obvious happiness of his family is what I’m paying attention to. This is a moment that I’m choosing to be present in. 

Music has been everywhere in my life, including here. I’ve been singing for as long as I can remember and writing a song out of every thought. Though I get caught up sometimes in what’s happening around me- planning a wedding, coaching volleyball, recording an album- I want to learn to find the beauty in every moment. Music allows me to do that. 

I want to be like the man playing the violin to others through my music. To have that effect on other people. To remind people to stop and enjoy the moment.


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